Hey, I'm Nelson from Norwich (England)
I'm a writer, stand-up comedian, and law student.

My first novel is entitled The Bloodstained Spears and it is available on Kindle (Amazon). I'm also working on a second novel which will be out soon.

I am an African Warrior with the heart of a lion and the soul of a poet <3
  • Did you see this guy that got hit by lightning?

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    50 Favorite Comedians: Greg Giraldo

    This one homeless guy came up to me the other day, and he was asking me for money. I was about to give it to him, and then I thought, ‘He’s just gonna use it on drugs or alcohol.’ And then I thought, ‘That’s what I’m gonna use it on. Who am I to judge the guy, really?’

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    Some of the funniest men to ever live.
    RIP comedy greats

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    everything personal

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    Martin summarizes every relationship

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    This is the dopest photo I ever seen

    Damn Mike look he bout to spit a BET Cypher verse

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    a sneak peek at what me and Eryn were doing earlier today when the sun came up…

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    You are a queen!

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    ♡ find your best posts on my blog ♡

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    Love is about the little things.

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    Now I like her even more

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