Hey, I'm Nelson from Norwich (England)
I'm a writer, stand-up comedian, and law student.

My first novel is entitled The Bloodstained Spears and it is available on Kindle (Amazon). I'm also working on a second novel which will be out soon.

I am an African Warrior with the heart of a lion and the soul of a poet <3
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    The perfect love is Christ-centered.

  • "All we do is take the mick out of each other and mess about and everyone goes: "My God! All you do is rip into each other constantly!" But that’s just the way we are!"

    - Alex Gerrard

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    Relationship Goals

  • Adele Live At The Royal Albert Hall | Favourite Moments [1/5]
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    Perfect. 👌💕

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  • "I will choose you … every single time."

    ~the end~

    A 7 word story by Nelson T. Gombakomba Jr.

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    #7 word story
  • Seven Word Story by P.P. (via oceanflowerbird)
  • "Smoking can kill but so can people."
  • Seven Word Story by Pien Pouwels (via oceanflowerbird)
  • "And then she said, “I dare you.”"